Children’s and Youth Director

Hey y’all!!,  Here is a little bit about me.  I grew up in a suburban area of Oklahoma City.  I was raised at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, which also happens to be the same church where my grandparents raised my dad as well as the church where I was baptized, confirmed and eventually married.  With awesome role models, like my grandmother who taught children’s Sunday School for over 50 years, I too became very active at the church.  I served on Youth Council, participated in UMYF, volunteered for VBS, attended church camp, participated in mission trips and attended regular Sundayservices.  St. Luke’s is the place where I learned to love Jesus and where I cultivated the beginning of lifelong friendships.  It is a place I will always call home.

 After graduating college with a degree in Psychology, I left Oklahoma and moved to Missouri for graduate school.  While in school studying Higher Education Administration, I  fell in love with a man in uniform who happened to be passing through town.  After completing my Master’s degree, I moved to Texas, started my career and married that handsome soldier, Rick, who has now been my husband for almost 16 years.  Rick and I have one daughter, Emma Grace.  She has taught us more about celebrating life and experiencing joy than any other single experience.

Over the years I have served in various workplace roles as well as in several different volunteer capacities.  After worshipping at HSUMC for over 12 years, I finally responded to the nudge of God and applied for the Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry position.  I am thrilled to be serving and working in this role with the awesome children, youth and parents at HSUMC.